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Serene Blue Cotton Renaissance Overdress | Side Lacing

Sale price$49.95

Handmade Renaissance Overdress with Side Lacing

Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Renaissance with our Blue Cotton Overdress, a regal addition to your historical attire. Tailored from 100% pure cotton, this piece boasts not only period authenticity but modern-day comfort, making it an excellent garment for various events and reenactments.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Cotton Fabric: Soft, breathable, and robust, 100% cotton guarantees that this piece is as functional as it is fashionable.
  • Rich Blue Shade: The deep blue color brings a touch of regal sophistication, reflecting a hue steeped in historical prestige.
  • Designed for Layering: This overdress serves as an ideal overlay for an underdress, enabling versatile accessorizing and personalized styling.
  • Adjustable Fit: Equipped with broad shoulder straps and side lacing, it promises easy adjustment for a flattering and comfortable silhouette.
  • Historically Styled: This piece is ideal for recreating authentic historical garments, intended to be combined with a contrasting underdress and cinched at the waist.
  • Practical Hemline: Falling just below the knee, the hem guarantees style along with unhindered mobility, suitable for lively event participation.
  • Sleeveless with Historical Influence: The precise shoulder straps offer arm mobility, honoring the period's style while catering to an active portrayal.

Please note that an underdress is not included, inviting you to select your own foundation garment to complete your personalized historical ensemble. We have the perfect underdress to use with this piece, if you should need one.

Whether you're gracing a Renaissance festival, engaging in historical reenactment, or simply infusing your wardrobe with a touch of individuality, our Renaissance Cotton Overdress with Side Lacing is an impeccable pick. This tranquil blue attire is a piece of wearable history that marries the art of old-world tailoring with the ease of modern comfort.





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Serene Blue Cotton Renaissance Overdress | Side Lacing Sale price$49.95