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Renaissance Dress with Laced Details | Ivory and Emerald with Floral Border

Sale price$76.95

Handmade Renaissance Dress with Floral Border

Step into the Renaissance era with this stunning Renaissance dress. Expertly crafted for authenticity and comfort, this dress is a testament to the grandness of historical fashion and the practicality needed for modern-day wear.

Key Features:

  • Breathable 100% Cotton Fabric: Enjoy the natural comfort and durability that comes from wearing a dress made entirely of cotton.
  • Elegant Color Scheme: The refined combination of ivory and emerald hues is accented with a graceful border, embodying the rich palette of Renaissance attire.
  • Customizable Lacing: With laces gracefully accenting the long sleeves, V-neck, and back, the dress offers an adjustable fit while showcasing period-accurate detailing.
  • Floral Renaissance Embellishments: A distinctive floral pattern along the border brings an artistic element reminiscent of the period's decorative richness.

This dress is a creation that goes beyond mere apparel. It is a journey into a time of unparalleled aesthetic achievement. Its design is not just an homage to historical fashion, but also caters to the desires of those who cherish beauty and sophistication.

Key Considerations:

  • Preservation: To keep this garment's exquisite appearance, it is recommended to dry clean only.
  • Versatile Lacing Style: The thoughtfully extended laces provide an opportunity to style the dress in various ways. Tie them traditionally or wrap them in a more contemporary fashion to highlight your individual taste.
  • Event Ready: Whether you are attending historical festivals, LARP events, or themed weddings, this dress is the perfect choice for making a striking impression.