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Regal Red Velvet Renaissance Cloak | Lined Hood

Sale price$89.95

Handmade Velvet Renaissance Cloak

Don our Regal Red Velvet Renaissance Cloak and transport yourself to the rich time of the Renaissance era. This intricate cloak is perfect for both history enthusiasts and those with a keen sense of fashion, making a bold and impressive statement. A cozy interior lining complements the lavish red velvet, ensuring that this item is not only stylish but also practical.

Key Features:

  • Striking Red Velvet: Our cloak is made from premium 100% velvet in a vibrant red, reminiscent of the period's regal palettes.
  • Lush Lined Warmth: The interior lining adds a layer of warmth, mirroring the practical yet plush designs of the era.
  • Period-Accurate Hood: The functionally designed hood adds both shelter and a touch of historical authenticity.
  • Generous Proportions: With dimensions of 51.6 inches (131 cm) in length and 90.9 inches (231 cm) in width, the cloak offers both grandeur and extensive coverage.
  • Maintenance Simplicity: Machine washable for easy care at a delicate cycle of 86°F (30°C).

Whether you're planning to attend a Renaissance fair, take part in a historical reenactment, or simply want to add a touch of history to your everyday fashion, this exquisite Regal Red Velvet Renaissance Cloak is a must-have for enhancing your wardrobe.