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Sleeveless Brown Cotton Velvet Renaissance Doublet

Sale price$49.95

Handmade Sleeveless Cotton Velvet Renaissance Doublet

Embrace the richness of the Renaissance with our rich, dark Brown Cotton Velvet Doublet. Designed to reflect the grandeur and style of the period, this elegant sleeveless vest is a regal addition to any historical reenactment attire or period-themed wardrobe.

Key Features:

  • Pure Cotton Velvet: Indulgent, plush cotton velvet material for a truly authentic look and feel.
  • Sleeveless Versatility: The sleeveless cut ensures ease of movement, crucial for the active Renaissance individual.
  • Classic Button Front: The front closure features classy buttons, aligning with period fashion while providing functionality.
  • Ideal for Layering: This doublet is a perfect piece to layer over renaissance shirts or tunics, offering additional warmth and enriched style.

In the vibrant days of Renaissance life, a garment like this would have been worn by individuals across various sectors of society, from the well-to-do merchant seeking to make an impression to the artist or scholar adding a touch of class to their everyday wear. Perhaps even a nobleman would don this vest while strolling through the markets or attending private gatherings, enjoying both the freedom of movement and the prestige it provided.

Our Brown Cotton Velvet Doublet is crafted with precision, honoring the heritage of Renaissance tailoring traditions while ensuring contemporary comfort. Whether participating in a historical reenactment, attending a themed event, or simply appreciating period fashion, this piece promises to transport you through the annals of time with its enduring style and craftsmanship.





    Sleeveless Brown Cotton Velvet Renaissance Doublet
    Sleeveless Brown Cotton Velvet Renaissance Doublet Sale price$49.95