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Renaissance Cloak with Hood | Gold Embroidery Detail

Sale price$69.95

Handmade Renaissance Cloak with Hood

Introducing our Renaissance cloak with hood, an exquisite garment that radiates the opulence and sophistication of historical fashion. Constructed from premium cotton, this cloak is an ideal choice for those looking to instill their attire with the elegance of the Renaissance. The regal gold embroidery on the front pays homage to the extravagant aesthetics of the era.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Cotton Material: Delight in the comfort and resilience of 100% high-quality cotton fabric.
  • Generous Measurements: With a generous length of 51 inches (130 cm) and a width of 91 inches (231 cm), the cloak provides full, superb coverage.
  • Opulent Gold Embroidery: The cloak's front features a cream-colored, vine-like embroidery, adding a touch of aristocratic flair.

Additional Benefits:

  • Warm and Noble Coverage: Ideal for staying warm during cooler days while keeping a distinguished appearance.
  • Authentic Period Appeal: The design elements echo the grandeur of traditional Renaissance clothing, perfect for immersive historical experiences.
  • Long Liripipe Hood: An elongated hood design contributes both practicality and an air of enigma to your ensemble.
  • Secure Neck Ties: Easy-to-tie neck closures provide both comfort and a tailored fit.
  • Versatile Palette: Available in classic red, timeless green, and elegant black to suit your preferred aesthetic.

This cloak reflects a time when fashion was both an art and a statement of status. It complements any noble persona, enhancing your reenactment or theatrical portrayal with an authentic touch.

Care Instructions:

  • To preserve the integrity of the garment and embroidery, machine wash cold on a delicate cycle at or below 86°F (30°C) and avoid high temperatures, which may cause shrinkage.
  • Refrain from tumble drying; instead, air dry or lay flat for optimal fabric care.

Whether gracing a Renaissance fair, participating in a LARP, or attending a cosplay event, this cloak with its elegant embroidery is designed to charm and add a regal dimension to your attire.