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PU Leather Renaissance-Inspired Belt Pouch | Drawstring Cover

Sale price$19.99

Transport yourself back to the Renaissance Era with this meticulously designed PU leather belt pouch, created with the historically conscious in mind. Whether attending a reenactment or performing on stage, this drawstring pouch balances authenticity with versatility and practicality.

Key Features:

  • Durably Fashioned: Premium PU leather that stands up to the rigors of active use.
  • Period-Authentic Style: A drawstring cover with retro flair enhances your Renaissance garb, suitable for any role from peasants to nobility.
  • Convenient Carrying: Designed for waist placement, it's an easily accessible solution for your hands-free activities.
  • Room for Essentials: Despite its compact size, the pouch can accommodate your indispensable items.
  • Multipurpose Appeal: Beyond historical scenes, it transitions flawlessly to themed weddings, educational demonstrations, or fantasy festivals.

Color Selections:

  • Versatile Black
  • Rich Brown
  • Royal Blue


  • Length: 64.96 in (165 cm)
  • Width: 1.38 in (3.5 cm)
Functional for Various Occasions:
    • Historical Reenactments: Keep your era-appropriate goods tucked away, maintaining character while having modern conveniences close at hand.
    • Theatrical Performances: An authentic stage prop that supports actors in roles set during the Renaissance.
    • Fairs & Festivals: Ideal for artisans and patrons alike, providing easy access to coins and small wares while browsing the markets.
    • Educational Purposes: Enhance a learning experience with attire that truly represents the period.




PU Leather Renaissance-Inspired Belt Pouch | Drawstring Cover
PU Leather Renaissance-Inspired Belt Pouch | Drawstring Cover Sale price$19.99