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Landsknecht-inspired Renaissance Mercenary Jacket | Split Puff Sleeves

Sale price$79.95

Handmade Landsknecht-inspired Renaissance Mercenary Jacket

Transport yourself to the Renaissance era with the Mercenary Jacket, a stunning tribute to the renowned Landsknecht soldiers. Designed for the dedicated LARPer or historical reenactor, this jacket not only honors the authenticity of period attire but also meets the practical needs of modern events and performances. It's the perfect addition to your ensemble for Renaissance fairs, medieval festivals, live-action role-playing events, and any occasion where historical accuracy is celebrated alongside dynamic engagement.

Key Features:

  • Superior Fabric Quality: Constructed from luxurious velvet, this jacket exemplifies durability and comfort, remaining true to its vibrant hues and tailored shape with each wear.
  • Historically Inspired Design: The split puff sleeves are a testament to the period's fashion innovation, offering mobility and a striking visual element reminiscent of the Landsknecht’s bold attire.
  • Ease of Movement: Engineered for a comfortable and flattering fit, this jacket allows for a full range of movement, suitable for diverse body types, and perfect for dynamic historical reenactments or daily wear.
  • Adaptable Style: The jacket's striking design is versatile enough to complement an array of ensembles, from authentic Renaissance garb to modern outfits seeking a historical twist.
  • Unique Gift Choice: Present the Mercenary Jacket as a distinct and thoughtful gift to those passionate about history, expressive fashion statements, or anyone wishing to embody the spirit of the Renaissance.

Additional Details:

  • Luxurious Velvet Material: Enhances the garment with an elaborate feel and regal appearance.
  • Crafted Wooden Buttons: Add a touch of rustic elegance and secure the jacket in period-appropriate fashion.
  • Forearm Lacing: Provides an adjustable fit and adds an element of style reflective of the time.

This Mercenary Jacket with Split Puff Sleeves unites the boldness of Renaissance mercenaries with the sophistication of modern fashion design, making it an essential addition to the wardrobes of those who treasure historical authenticity and style.





    Landsknecht-inspired Renaissance Mercenary Jacket | Split Puff Sleeves
    Landsknecht-inspired Renaissance Mercenary Jacket | Split Puff Sleeves Sale price$79.95