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Brown Riveted Renaissance Leather Belt | Exquisite Rivet Embellishments

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Handmade Riveted Renaissance Leather Belt 

Discover the embodiment of heritage in our Renaissance Riveted Leather Belt, a testament to the artistry of the period. The decorative metal rivets punctuate the belt's surface, accentuating its full-grain leather construction with a combination of form and function. Designed with ample length, it allows the wearer to tie their knot, capturing the essence of Renaissance customization.

Key Features:

  • Exquisite Rivet Embellishments: The belt features a series of decorative rivets, enhancing both style and durability, reflecting the era's esteemed craftsmanship.
  • Refined Brown Tone: Ideal for complementing any Renaissance attire or contemporary wardrobe, imparting a warm and versatile aesthetic suitable for diverse stylistic preferences.
  • Authentic Full-Grain Leather: Selected for its high quality, this material guarantees a belt that endures the test of time and wear.
  • Versatile Length Options: Available in lengths of 60 or 75 inches (150 cm or 190 cm), providing the wearer the freedom to knot the belt to their preference.
  • Perfect Width: At approximately 4 cm (1.75 inches), the belt balances visibility and subtlety, complementing the reenactment costume or contemporary clothing.
  • Ring Loop Closure: A historical tie-in, this closure method harkens back to Renaissance fastening techniques while providing a secure fit.

Ideal for the discerning historian or fashion-forward individual, this riveted leather belt stands out at any Renaissance fair, theatrical production, or in day-to-day life for those who appreciate a touch of historical elegance.