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Black Renaissance Tailored Frock Coat | Antiqued Metal Buttons

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Handmade Renaissance Tailored Frock Coat with Antiqued Metal Buttons

Step back in time and embrace the prosperity of the Renaissance era with this meticulously tailored black frock coat, a wardrobe staple that displays historical charm. The intricate details of this coat are tailored for individuals who value the artistry and cultural significance of Renaissance clothing.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Long Cut: With its elegant long cut, the coat embodies the aesthetic purpose and sophisticated style of the Renaissance era.
  • Ornate Metal Buttons: Each button is a testament to the period's grandeur, lending a decorative finish that promotes the coat's overall appeal.
  • Wide Rolled Sleeves: The sleeves are artfully designed to echo the traditional style prevalent during the Renaissance, providing both comfort and authenticity.
  • 100% Cotton Fabric: Deliberately chosen for its durability and comfort, this high-quality cotton ensures the coat stands the test of time.
  • Dry Clean Only: To preserve its regal appearance and quality, dry cleaning is recommended for this noble piece.

In a deep black hue, this long coat captures the refined elegance and expert craftsmanship revered by the nobles and esteemed leaders of the Renaissance. With design cues drawn from the luxurious attire of the 14th to 17th centuries, this coat is a tribute to the splendor and meticulous artistry that defined high society fashion in that era.

This coat takes inspiration from the luxuriant and valorous styles of 17th-century originals, inviting both educators and fashion aficionados to don a piece that echoes with historical significance. The careful attention to detail provides a modern take on classical apparel for individuals passionate about reenactment or period fashion.

Offering sizes from S to XXXL, this frock coat is designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of enthusiasts, ensuring a perfect union of luxury and fit.